Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Travel: Eden Garden Centre and Mother Earth

Our Sunday drive took us to Eden Garden Centre at North Ryde (NSW)
I'd often driven past the centre and promised myself a look in, but didn't quite make it until I found out that they had an art gallery there and textile artist Fiona Wright has an exhibition currently on display.
The centre is worth a visit, apart from the huge range of sale items, they have a massive display area made up into garden 'rooms' which were wonderful to wander through.
I'm not getting paid to advertise them unfortunately, I just thought it was worth showing.
There were some amazing sculptures scattered through the garden all 'framed' by the backgrounds.

The river feature started here:

and meandered around:

until it finished in the recycling tank (where presumably all the many water features originated and went back to - the tank was lined with beds of rocks and water plants which I'm guessing acted as filters.

Some of the garden rooms:
This one I thought represented the desert until we reached the ground level and found it was the Blue Mountains and the three blackboy plants were the three sisters, can't quite work that out, especially with all the red earth.

The beachside room had a nice curling wave sculpture, somewhat spoilt by the galvanised cover on the lighting attached to the gum tree behind

The japanese room:

The formal garden and more water features, including a fish pond which I thought was very shallow for the size of the koi, and no shelter for them to escape from the sun until the leaves on the water plants grow a little more.


And then we went cross country to one of my favourites, Mother Earth Nursery at Kenthurst (which, it seems, is also for sale) - a totally different style of nursery, smaller, more personal, great restaurant in a lovely mud brick building, where they have someone who will paint Trompe l'oeil murals for your garden (or is that Trompe d'Oeil ? will have to check later) interesting which ever way, nothing like a nice muriel.


Stuart said...

What an incredible centre to just happen to drop in to. I love the modern artworks and contemporary sculpting. Obviously a lot of detail and meticulous thought gone into the project. Thanks for sharing it even though you don't get a commission out of it!!

Calidore said...

Ohhh very nice. I particularly like the River. What a great idea having a water tank as a recycling pond. I must show the photos to Ashley, he has finally agreed to dig me a stream/creek with a pond at the end. Off to drool over your lovely photos again.

All Seasons Gardener said...

the artwork is fantasitc. Thanks for sharing that.

Erica said...

glad you enjoyed it, that's the sort of thing I like to see while I surf the web so I thought others might like it too

MatthewWilliam said...

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