Saturday, November 05, 2005

health warning

It doesn't pay to read health warnings if you intend to ignore them and you are inclined to be an LNH (late night hypochondriac)

As I shoveled bags of cow manure and pot 'n peat around my wheelbarrow yesterday, I scoffed - yes, *SCOFFED* at the warnings.
"HAH" I said to the bio-aerosols and the micro-organisms "HAH"

Then I woke at 4 am with a tight chest and dry cough convinced I had Legionnaires disease - so do I lie awake until daybreak wondering how much life span I have left or do I get up and make coffee and watch the sunrise.....

I went with the coffee...

feeling better now,

things are always different in daylight


Sonia said...

Glad you are well! Have a nice weekend!

Alice said...

Glad you'll be around a little longer yet. I must admit that I don't wear a mask and gloves when handling potting mixes etc. although I'm careful not to inhale the dust and I try and keep the mix moist so that there is as little dust as possible.

I must admit that I shudder when watching some of the gardening shows and see presenters diving their bare hands into the mixes without any protection on hands or face. This also includes our favourite Peter C. of Gardening Australia fame. Maybe they are all immune to everything now but I feel that it may give newer gardeners a wrong impression of the dangers therein.