Thursday, November 10, 2005

early start and Charles Austin

Did I say in my intro something about "no longer liking to slog it out in the garden", liking and having to do it are two different things - a hot day was predicted so I thought I'd get an early start at 8 am and empty two compost bins. (well, that's early for me!) Three hours later the temperature must have been well into the 30's, I was soaking, exhausted and was that red face from the heat or was it a glow of satisfaction?

I have a David Austin rose called Charles Austin (I think I read it was named after his father)
at this time of year old Charlie boy really goes off! (charming turn of phrase picked up from my children)
I picked this vase full on the weekend
and this morning I picked another vase


Alice said...

That is one magnificent rose and you must be treating it well, too, to have such prolific flowering. Just delicious.

Erica said...

well that's the strange thing, I don't treat any plant particularly well, I think this one just landed in the right place and it knows it VBG