Tuesday, November 08, 2005

10 most important gardening tools

looks like some of us have been to visit Stuart's Amateur Gardening and have wondered about our ten most important gardening tools so I'll play too:
1. hand trowel
(my garden is so overgrown that a shovel and pick are out of the question)
2. secateurs
(I keep buying new ones when they eventually loose sharpness or springs or whatever makes them tick - I have a great pile of dead secateurs, one day my husband is going to teach me to weld and I'm going to make something clever out of them VBG)
3. wheelbarrow
4. electric mulcher
5. kneeling pad
6. saw - this must be accompanied by a man with a strong right arm (fortunately I'm married to him)
7. comfortable chair
8. sketchbook
9. coffee
10. table next to comfortable chair for sketchbook and coffee


Stuart said...

Question: Do you fork out $100 for a 'GOOD'pair of secateurs or pick up the $4.95 specials from the local hardware store? (For the record, I'm the latter).

A sketchbook sounds great. It would be awesome to see some of your sketches on your blog? If you I had a web-cam you would see the 'sketch-envy.'

Erica said...

I pick up the cheap secateurs and feel very guilty about replacing them, my father was a toolmaker and everything he owned was cared for and oiled and sharpened, he'd be horrified now at our disposable society.

(I also once fell for a very expensive pair of secateurs at a gardening show and they went the way of the cheapies, no better)