Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tempus fugit

...it seems to fugit something awful lately, here we are a third of the way through another year, and I have a very large birthday looming in a few days which is a depressing thought, but at least I'm still here having them, which isn't as depressing as the alternative.

I still haven't totally converted this blog, whilst I changed over painlessly I still am not using their widget thingies because I'd have to copy and paste all the links I have in the side panels and I just haven't felt bothered enough to spend the time, I think that's why I kept putting off writing here.

My garden suffered terribly through summer (as I did!) neither of us handle the heat well, but now we've entered autumn, had a few cooler days and a good drop of rain to boot.
So because I haven't been blogging here, I've a little backlog of trips to post about, we visited Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens in the Blue Mountains and had a walk around the old brick pit at Homebush (doesn't that sound exciting!!)
Over the next week I'll sort out the pictures and get going here again....
Our first solid rain in months had me out with the camera..

and you know those jobs like cleaning the gutters and installing rainwater tanks...well they didn't happen, so here is my patented rainwater catchment area, right under the leaky gutter