Monday, December 11, 2006

Looks like I'm going Beta

just logged in and got the message from Blogger that it's my turn to change over to Beta - having heard some nightmare stories and knowing the amount of tweaking that I've done to my present blog I am not rushing into this overnight, I need a few days to copy all the bits I've added and do some more reading up.

just warning you incase things start looking weird
...if anything drastic happens and I totally disappear, check my web site at
Gramarye and I'll put a note up there to let you know what's happened

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Agapanthus time

Aggie time

I know when the anniversary of my mum's death is coming up because the agapanthus bloom.
In the last couple of weeks of her life I'd take her for a walk in my garden, frail, fragile, she'd stop at the agapanthus, which were just nose high for her, she would smell them and say 'beautiful'

Years before she'd joke about how she had no sense of smell and aggies don't have perfume, but there was enough of her fading mind left to know that flowers should have a scent and she loved them all.
At her funeral in the middle of the service, all the floral sheaths around the coffin slowly toppled sideways and we knew she was re-arranging them - never could resist having a fiddle with things me mum.

So each December, when the first aggie blooms in my garden, I stand in front of it and have a little cry, and then I get on with life.....

but I miss my mum

Aggie time
Aggie time
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Friday, December 01, 2006

Territorial frog

We have a homing frog in the little fernery next to the house,
I have a waterwell pot with a scraggy looking fishbone fern, it's been there for years and is pretty ordinary, sometimes I remember to water it and fill the well.

Waterwells have a black plastic tube running from the top of the pot into the well at the bottom, if you keep the well full then the water is supposed to draw up into the bottom of the pot keeping the plant watered but not too wet.

I was pouring water down the tube when I noticed a little leg scrabbling on the clear side of the well, there was a frog inside the tube.
I carefully unscrewed the well and took him up to the pond in the new fernery, nice cool dank with water hyacinths and weed already for a frog inhabitant.

A few days later, filling the well again (it's been hot!) he's back in the tube - don't ask how I know it's the same frog, I just do!
Took him out again and back to the pond.

You guessed it! he's back in the pot.
How on earth he navigates his way across our yard and into the same pot beats me.
He probably curses me when I go out to water, "here's comes that damn woman again, I hope she leaves me alone this time"

so I have....

and you will just have to take my word for it that this is a frog's bum....

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