Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pregnant onion

This would have to be the most useless plant I have in my garden, I have no idea why I keep it, you can't eat it, the novelty value has worn off, the flower stalk is uninteresting and the rate of reproduction could quickly turn it into a pest except that the young plants stay close to mum and are easy to remove.

So what was the novelty value that initially endeared it to me:
the bulbous 'tummy' swells and swells until the skin splits and the baby onions pop out

I've had it growing now (not the same plant) for over thirty years,

which means about the time I was given the plant, I was popping out my own little onions, maybe that's why I can't bring myself to rid my garden of it....just one mum relating to another

Do you have a plant you can't bring yourself to remove? and why do you keep it?

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