Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Full moon

Went out and braved the cold tonight to watch the brilliant full moon, the wind was gusty and the clouds moved so fast across the sky.

I haven't done any night photography before and didn't do too well with the settings which is a pity because the whole scene was special, and fruit bats were flying over but they were too fast for my camera.

......full moon and bats, what more could an Anne Rice fan ask for.

full moon August 2006

reflecting in the pool:
full moon August 2006

full moon behind clouds


Alice said...

Good effort, Erica. I haven't done any successful night photography yet.

That last photo with the mooonlight gilding the clouds is wonderful. Definitely worth sending to the Cloud Appreciation Society Photo Gallery on the web.

Erica said...

Hi Alice
thank you so much for that site, I did a search and found their page and they have a flickr group as well, not sure if I want to go so far as joining the society, but there is some interesting reading there, did you reach about the
morning glory cloud in Queensland, fascinating

Spike said...

I like that last one. Very atmospheric.