Sunday, July 30, 2006

No room for plants

Son has just moved to a flat over a factory with no balcony, so he brought his plants for me to mind - he has great faith in his mum's gardening ability, we could almost say I taught him all he knows about plants - but when it arrives looking like this.... I guess there are only two options, grow or the compost heap.

Once the Australian dream was the suburban house on a 1/4 acre block, now those 1/4 acres will fit a block of units or a row of townhouses, as we lose more and more space people are losing the chance to get down and dirty in their own garden, I was doing some web searching looking for an art gallery in the Sutherland Shire and on the council site stumbled on their council run community garden
Will this be the future for city gardeners?


Alice said...

Whilst it's lovely to have one's own garden, there's much to be said for community gardens is space is at a premium. The sense of community and fellowship that one doesn't gain a lot of if you're working just in your own garden, but it brings a lot of pleasure to those who have a little plot in a community garden or allotment. It's also a great way for young folk to learn about gardening from more experienced gardeners, etc.

Erica said...

that's true Alice, and it's the community feeling that will be needed and become important too, as people lose the 'over the fence' neighbourhood and are closed in their units