Friday, July 28, 2006


Great minds etc...was taking a look at the garden today and decided I have just the spot to try some tomatoes this summer, and then Sweetpea wrote about her tomato obsession, her perfect tomato is called 'brandywine' - I'll have to have a look for it.
My past tomato growing attempts have been a bit of a disaster, back when the children were young, they didn't trust my tomatoes, we had to cut them open and watch to make sure nothing was moving inside them, kept telling them it's all good protein but they didn't believe me.
My mum would say "if the bugs won't eat them, there must be something wrong with them!"


melissa said...

another aussie garden blog .. whoo hoo !
i didnt think anyone really visited mine so your comment was nice to receive.
look for brandywine pink ..(its an old amish variety ).
i'll be really interested if you do find it ..how it goes in your climate .
kids can be hard to convince ..mine like to discover the insects so the veges dont have to be eaten !!
1 steamed grub=broccoli I dont have to eat !

Erica said...

Hi Melissa, yes, I'm reading, I don't often comment but I've been following through the droughts and rain and school buses VBG