Sunday, July 09, 2006

moon planting

If you are a gardener who takes notice of the moon cycles for your planting, then the Cosmic Gardener has a chart July planting guide for Australia listing the dates for each moon cycle and the plants according to the areas (cold, temperate, tropical etc.)

Haven't much to report from the home front - husband has been under the house with what I think in the trade is referred to as an 'acro, jacking up the house supports and putting packing under them - the last several years of drought has resulted in the beams and foundations parting company in several places, with walls inside developing cracks and floors creaking and big gaps between floor and skirting boards.

I'm just hoping he doesn't get too carried away with the packing, I worry that if we ever get back to normal rain and the ground swells again, the house will just go 'pop' and bounce right off its' foundations.

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