Friday, April 28, 2006

Travel: to the top of the hill

I've been on a mission,
after my post about our hill, I was determined to take photos of the other side of the hill decimated by 100 years of quarrying.
No luck, over the other side is a brand new industrial estate, with HUGE complexes, they all had security guards, boom gates, the lot, between the buildings I caught glimpses of cut away red clay hillside but there was no where I could get close enough to photograph. The bits I saw make me wonder about long term erosion.

So then we determined to climb the hill on our side, through the hole in the chain wire fence

and up the track which will one day be the rest of the main road through the estate

at the top of the track were some big boys toys,

but we still couldn't make it to the very very top of the highest point, it was all looking very scrubby and snakey, although I guess the snakes could be bunking down for winter now, but I didn't feel like ploughing through this to find out

so I settled for a photo of the view from part way up the hill - no wonder Gov. Phillip was so impressed,
click on this to go to flickr and then go to all sizes and look at it full size.
View from Prospect Hill, NSW

and the next photo is the housing estate creeping up the hill -

what do you think, will they be able to squeeze a garden in those yards, or swing a cat?

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Googs said...

Very interesting! I suppose urban sprawl catches up with us all eventually.