Sunday, April 30, 2006


For weeks I've been insisting that the grevillea was not dead, it was just resting, but we've reached a point where I'm sounding like a Monty Python sketch, and I have to admit that it is, indeed, a dead parrot plant.

It was growing happily in a pot, flowering like mad

but I foolishly sat the pot directly onto the garden bed, and not content to stay in the pot, it had sent a tap root through the bottom and into the garden, when I went to move the pot, well you know the rest.....grevilleas do NOT like having their roots disturbed.

So my lovely pink and cream grevillea, whose name I have lost, has gone to the big compost bin in the sky.


geekglue said...

I guess it must of been pineing for the fields. But beauuuuuutiful plummage squire?

Erica said...

well yes it was beauuuuutiful, until the feathers fell out ;)