Sunday, April 02, 2006

Travel: Sunday drive to Windsor NSW

A wonderful fine cool autumn Sunday so we headed to the street markets at Windsor, an old historic town just before the foothills of the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.
The regular Sunday markets attract a lot of people, especially on a day like today.

Sunday markets

As well as looking at the stalls we visited my favourite two shops, the Book Barn and the Fudge shop, we left both shops a little poorer (that's us, not the shops)

fudge, lovely fudge

At the other end of town is the Macquarie Arms Hotel, favourite sunday watering hole for bikers, the array of motorbikes outside can be spectacular, opposite the pub is a park, with free live music and lots of family groups, nice relaxed way to spend an afternoon.

bikes and music on a Sunday afternoon

Then we strolled down to the river - keeping a watch for deep holes and shifting sands -


Hawkesbury River, NSW

and discovered stairs and a path going under the road bridge, leading to the seamy underside of beautiful Windsor

under the bridge

Under the bridge
under the bridge
The trolley rescue driver knew it was too late....
but there is always someone who calls it home

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