Wednesday, April 18, 2007

one blog or two....

If you read my craft blog this is pretty much the same question I posed there....

I've been thinking over the inordinate amount of time I've been spending on the internet, I couldn't imagine giving it up altogether but I somehow need to cut back, and I've been wondering about whether I really need to have two blogs, this one, my so-called gardening blog (which also includes photos from our trips or days out)and my mixed media blog.

The mixed media blog was going to be just about my craft work, and the gardening blog was going to be more home-ish. (just so I don't scare anyone off - I have no intention of ever getting into the really personal soul baring style of writing, I wouldn't be comfortable with it)

But I have been thinking about combining the two blogs I have now and wonder how people feel about it.

Would you, my gardening readers want to move over to the other blog if I combined the two (the mixed media being the one with most hits)

Very often I find the plants I photograph find their way into my artwork or sketchbooks and our trips often include galleries or art shows, so it's hard to draw the line where they cross over.

On the other hand, a few bloggers I follow have been starting new blogs for their different interests...not sure how I feel about that, I do like it when I can read a post about someone's art work one day and see their town the next day, I can get a feel for where their work is coming from and appreciate it more...jumping around from one blog to another it is sometimes hard to keep track of who you are looking at.

So if anyone would like to comment, I'd appreciate your ideas and feelings about combining into one blog which would cover my art work, maybe cutting down (but not out) the length of the travel posts I've been doing and a few shots of what is blooming in the garden at the time.

Links to the mixed media blog are in the right column (and I DO have to start on Matilda again, poor girl got off to a good start but has been neglected)

Wotcha think huh???


Susan said...

A lot of Mixed Media blogs seem to combine the two and I think it only serves to make it more interesting and gives a greater perspective of the persons interests as whole. Either that or you could keep your garden pictures at Flickr with a side link on your main blog.I have been enjoying both your blogs.While interested in the same things I can mix my photos on my Flickr site but also maintain separate sets by interest.Just a thought!

Spike said...

Whatever you do hang onto the title 'Midday in the garden of good and evil'. Good titles get nicked if left unattended.

Maureen said...

Hey Erica....I'll follow you!
Thanks for pointing me towards the "empress of dust".
And like you,I'm finding time spent blogging & reading blogs means less time for DOING!

Anonymous said...

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