Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I know the large green bug is a different species to the aphids but as it was the first day of school holidays, it tickled my fancy that Mum had taken the kids out for the day.

"It happens every time I take them out, all they want to do is eat, it costs me a fortune, then they want to bring all their friends....."

School holidays


Aquabot Guy said...

Thats a great shot of the aphids, quite the size difference.

Erica said...

there is a big difference, I was please to get both sizes of insects showing well in this photo

Shelly said...

Mix water and soap and spray the plant, works every time for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks the great shot of aphids. Aphids are tiny insects that have piercing/sucking mouth parts. Aphids also spread disease by moving from one plant to another. Even without resorting to chemical methods, they're not difficult to get rid of. Spray a strong jet of water directly onto the affected area of the plant. The stream will wash the insects off. This is the easiest way to control aphids.
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