Monday, December 11, 2006

Looks like I'm going Beta

just logged in and got the message from Blogger that it's my turn to change over to Beta - having heard some nightmare stories and knowing the amount of tweaking that I've done to my present blog I am not rushing into this overnight, I need a few days to copy all the bits I've added and do some more reading up.

just warning you incase things start looking weird
...if anything drastic happens and I totally disappear, check my web site at
Gramarye and I'll put a note up there to let you know what's happened


cynthia said...

hi erica, i just found your blog and soaked up your whole year at one sitting. well, maybe i got up once to let the dog out but even so, severe fanny fatigue has set in. but it's been worth it - i love your droll sense of humor, your froggy garden and your travel photos. please don't go where i can't find you again, or, leave a well marked beta trail.
happy new year!

Erica said...

thanks Cynthia, that's really nice of you.
I still haven't attempted to convert this blog yet, but my other blog went OK, just took a little time

giggles said...

Hi Erica thanks for the awesome links to wearable art, and visiting my blog! I was as hesitant at switching over as you are! It was a breeze and I love it. Much more user friendly! I think I was the last of most my blog friends to take the plunge...what can I say....I have trust issues! Good to meet you!

Peace Sherrie (giggles)

Ps. I too was forced to change ....kicking and screaming!