Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Agapanthus time

Aggie time

I know when the anniversary of my mum's death is coming up because the agapanthus bloom.
In the last couple of weeks of her life I'd take her for a walk in my garden, frail, fragile, she'd stop at the agapanthus, which were just nose high for her, she would smell them and say 'beautiful'

Years before she'd joke about how she had no sense of smell and aggies don't have perfume, but there was enough of her fading mind left to know that flowers should have a scent and she loved them all.
At her funeral in the middle of the service, all the floral sheaths around the coffin slowly toppled sideways and we knew she was re-arranging them - never could resist having a fiddle with things me mum.

So each December, when the first aggie blooms in my garden, I stand in front of it and have a little cry, and then I get on with life.....

but I miss my mum

Aggie time
Aggie time
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Stuart said...

That's a sad and sentimental little story Erica. It's certainly a nice way to remember your Mum though.

Your white aga's look great BTW.

Erica said...

thanks Stuart

Googs said...

What a lovely story.

meggie said...

I never liked Agapanthus, but my late Mum had some that bloomed every year without fail- & she loved them!
Since she has gone, I now love to see them bloom & they always remind me of my Mum.
We have them in our garden now, & though they are erratic bloomers, I still like them. We have the Blue as well as the White-my Mum only ever had the blue.