Wednesday, June 07, 2006

red clouds at night

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I was bringing the washing in off the line just as the sun was setting and a flock of noisy cockatoos made me look up at the sky where this was happening:

Clouds in the sunset

Clouds in the sunset

Our house is in a dip so I never seem able to get a clear sky shot, too many roofs and wires overhead,
I just had time to run inside and grab the camera, the sun slipped away as I was watching.

Clouds in the sunset

Clouds in the sunset

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Alice said...

That's quite a sight, isn't it? Interesting to see the colour confined to one cloud like that rather spread much more widely.

Just reading some of the notes about Constable's paintings at the gallery today, and there was a a piece about clouds. He declared that any landscape artist who didn't include clouds and sky in their landscapes was missing out on half of the best content of the painting.

We loved his paintings, especially those featuring sunsets, sunrises or storm clouds. Some of the paintings you would swear were backlit, the 'lighting' was so good. Has his exhibition been to Sydney yet?

Erica said...

just had a look at the AGofNSW site and it doesn't look like the Constable exhibition is coming to Sydney.

Naturegirl said...

erica nice to meet you! Yes that is the reason I post these lovely quiant finds! I get ideas for my own garden when I visit these whimsical gardens!Did you check out the last outing I had...a bit of historical charm.Great ideas there too. Now to comment on your red clouds..AMAZING!

Spike said...

Very speccy.