Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Travel: Wine and quilts at Mittagong

We haven't had a Sunday drive for a while so when my quilting teacher, Carolyn Sullivan, told us she had a quilt in an exhibition at a winery, I thought what could be better than visiting both his and my favourite subjects on the same day.
We hopped onto the new-ish M7 expressway and headed south, I haven't been on this road before, it cuts out loads of traffic and lights but, like all expressways, is SO boring
on the M7 heading south

In no time at all, we were off the main road and on the dirt track to Bou-saada Vineyard at Mittagong.

the road to Bou-saada Winery, Mittagong

Bou-saada Winery, Mittagong

We had stopped at Mittagong RSL for lunch but found that we could have had lunch at the winery.

Bou-saada Winery, Mittagong

Bou-saada Winery, Mittagong

here are the quilts and a corner of the gallery

Wine and quilts

Outside the grape vines were looking very green but the rest of the countryside was brown and dry, we saw cattle and sheep on farms picking at what looked like dead clumps of grass in red earth paddocks. On the news last night was an article on how the farmers are getting $600 per steer and we are paying $2000 in the supermarkets for the meat.

Bou-saada Winery, Mittagong

We found this little group of gnomes having a game of cricket, with the bush fires still around Sydney I won't jinx these little guys by mentioning Ashes.

Cricketing gnomes

Bou-saada also grows proteas

Bou-saada Winery, Mittagong

Bou-saada Winery, Mittagong

I went to look at the quilts while he had a wine tasting at the cellar door...I came out just in time to see the credit card being handed over for a carton of wine......mmmmmm, now where have I put that brochure about the embellisher machine......

we then cruised on to Berrima but I might do that one later.
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