Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Red geranium leaves

What are they putting in our water these days??
(although my garden gets so little tap water it wouldn't matter, maybe it says something about our bath water)

Strolling around the garden I spotted this geranium with bright red leaves - I'm sure it has some dire portent but who cares, I like red



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Alice said...

Some geraniums produce the most spectacularly beautiful coloured leaves, especially during autumn and winter.

I'm getting quite a collection of those with coloured or marked leaves throughout the year. Flowers are less significant but with beautiful leaves all year round, it's a small price to pay.

The leaves on your plant are quite stunning.

Erica said...

Hi Alice,
this geranium doesn't usually have distinct markings, I've a couple that have dark circles but none have thrown out these colours before.

roybe said...

I've noticed coloured markings on geraniums before but never red like that . Very interesting

Anonymous said...

I've read that you can mix Epsom salts in with the water and it will correct this "problem." Perhaps it's a lack of magnesium in the water?

Erica said...

anonymous: thanks, I think I read somewhere about using epsom salts with yellowing on gardenia leaves, so I imagine it's a similar soil deficiency problem, but it's not a big enough problem to really worry me - I'll just give them an extra dose of chicken poo in spring!