Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm back...

despite that brilliant last post in December, I had no offers to buy my blog so after almost expiring in the summer heat, along with my garden, parts of which did expire, I seem to be back.

We lost a few plants, my kangaroo paws planted in November curled up their toes, that's twice I've tried to grow them and have lost out so cross them off my list.

Over the school holidays GD helped me create a herb garden which seems to be doing OK - we are up to the armpits in basil - and in the process I moved a heap of jonquil bulbs which are now putting up green shoots (isn't it a bit early?) they hadn't flowered for a while so we'll see what they do in the new spot.

So next I divided some agapanthus and pulled out heaps of african iris one of those feral creatures that runs mad when allowed. Also divided some bromeliads and found this little fellow:
Doesn't he look in a contemplative mood, with chin on hand, wonder what he was thinking about - (no I didn't move his clump of plants)

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Welcome back!