Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the first rose of summer

...and those droplets on the rose are rain! yippee!!

(we are on level 3 water restrictions here in Sydney - that means we can water the garden with a hand held hose twice a week - my garden doesn't even get that, so it's smiles all round when we get a rare drop of the real thing)

g'dammit - I broke the whole stem off my cattleya trying to photograph it - oh well, it looks nice in the vase

we have a friend who grows orchids, these were his discards, he called them rubbish, luckily I was visiting that day and caught them on the way to the compost heap.


Chloe said...

Ooooh - how come it has taken me so long to find you here. I am off to make another coffee and enjoy!

Alice said...

Wonderful to have a gardening blogger in Sydney. Love your photos, too; I've only seen a few so far. My husband and I seem to spend a fair bit of time, with cup of tea in hand, looking at what we want to do in the garden. It just takes a bit longer to actually do it.

Erica said...

oh visitors!! come in girls, the jug's on - Chloe I've come across before because I lurk around the crazy quilters, Alice I can't remember where I first saw your site, just following links, your garden looks like my sort of thing.

Googs said...

Great, another garden blog, I'll be checking in regularly. I have always loved gardens especally trees and have learnt so much this year by reading everyones gardening exploits.